Chandan G.

  • Location: Mechanicsburg, PA
  • Utility provider: PPL Electric Utilities Corp
  • System energized: 5/31/23
  • Monthly savings & income:  $275
Public Service Solar customer Chandan from Pennsylvania - home solar 01

Chandan was installed quickly, signing up in April of 2023 and installed in May with a prompt approval to operate. In addition to solar panels, Chandan contracted Public Service Solar to install an EV charging outlet. We caught up with Chandan to see how the system has been working for him after a year of system production.

System Details
System size: 16 kW
Modules: (28) Panasonic 400s
Inverters: (28) Enphase IQ8H
Annual production: 18,567 kWh
Load offset: 100%
Greenhouse gas reductions: 32,696 CO2
Public Service Solar customer Chandan from Pennsylvania - home solar 02
Avg electric bill before solar:
Avg electric bill after solar:
Est. monthly SREC income:
Monthly savings & income:
Public Service Solar customer Chandan from Pennsylvania
What was your motivation for installing solar panels?

“Environment was the major one. And I felt it was beneficial to get the solar installed because I was paying monthly around $200 and one way of getting rid of it is getting solar and I think it’s beneficial both financially and environmentally. “

What were your considerations in selecting Public Service Solar as your solar provider?

“I actually got quotes from several installers, and I did speak with one of my friends and he gave me pretty good insight in what to look for because he already has solar installed with Public Service Solar. I felt like Public Service Solar’s rates were better. My friend did some other things like getting the 240v breaker installed as well as critter guards with Public Service Solar. The quote was best, and I think I got a pretty good deal. “

Public Service Solar customer Chandan from Pennsylvania - home solar 03
How was your installation experience?

“It was pretty good. They gave us a timeline and they were on time. And the installers were pretty knowledgeable. They knew what they were doing, and were very friendly. It was a nice experience. I felt like they did what they promised.”

What’s been your experience since installation?

“No complaints at all. It has been running pretty good. I have been watching my overproduction and I got my first check from the electric company for over $600. And the SRECs, they pay around $30-$35, so it’s been pretty good so far.”

Public Service Solar customer Chandan from Pennsylvania - home solar 04
Would you recommend solar to your family and friends?

“I do and I have already done so! After my installation a few of my neighbors have actually got it from Public Service Solar. I do recommend solar, because I believe it’s worth it.”

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