Solar + Battery Storage

Don’t get left in the dark. 

As extreme weather events become increasingly frequent, the choice for clean, on-demand backup power has never been more clear. Protect your family with solar + battery storage.

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Solar with battery storage provides the ultimate protection
Why Solar + Battery Storage?

Keep your lights on and critical utilities running.

Safe & Reliable

A dependable source of clean energy means peace of mind during extreme weather and power outages.


Smart technology captures excess energy to keep batteries fully charged for the moment you need them.


With eligible tax credits and zero down financing, battery storage can be a financial reality for everyone.

How Battery Storage Works

Energy that’s ready to use when you need it most.

Battery storage is a reliable and intelligent source of backup power when your power grid is down. When coupled with solar, the solar panels on the roof will first recharge the battery, then send power to the home.  This ensures the battery is reliable and fully charged, so it can power your home even during an extended outage. 

Eliminate your need for gas powered generators (plus the fuel costs and maintenance), and introduce smart energy management into your home instead. Battery storage can also qualify for the 30% Tax Credit (ITC).

I inquired multiple solar installation contractors, small & big, local & national. After reviewing all the proposals and comparing the equipments, the services and the warranty they offer, I finalized with Public Service Solar. Along with solar installation, I also got my roof installed with them. While reviewing the contract, they took time to explain all that would be done in their job. Even after the system is turned on, they are still equally supportive and responsive. They completely lived up to my expectation, so I recommended them to some of my friends and would continue recommending others.

RSH, Plainsboro, NJ

Our Process

Battery storage that makes sense for you.

We work together to ensure the optimal choice for your specific home.  There are a range of battery sizes available and the selection is made based on how much power you require for critical loads in the event of a grid outage. 

01 | We listen

Our #1 job as your partner is to educate you on what battery storage can and can not do. We will advise whether battery storage is an ideal solution, and discuss your options if so.

02 | We plan

We suggest what will provide you with the most value based on a variety of factors like your home, your power consumption, and your solar energy system.

03 | We install

As experts in solar, roofing and home energy solutions, our in-house team of installers will ensure your battery storage is flawlessly integrated into your home system.

Our Battery Storage Products

Top-rated, reliable components only.

Enphase IQ 5P solar battery storage in garage

Enphase Encharge

The Enphase 5P Battery is modular, allowing you to customize the size of your battery storage system. Install one battery or several. With 5 kWh of capacity and the most powerful battery rating from Enphase yet, you can reliably power the most demanding energy loads with ease. 

When installed with IQ8 Microinverters, your power is reliable and uninterrupted by single points of failure. Combine with the Empower Smart Switch to create a microgrid that bypasses the battery and powers your home directly during an outage. 

  • Warranty: 15 years or 6,000 cycles
  • Storage Capacity: 5 kWh
  • Peak Power: 3.84 kW
Panasonic Evervolt solar battery storage with smart box

Panasonic Evervolt

Seamlessly integrate your Panasonic Evervolt solar modules and home batteries to generate and store solar energy for when you need it most. Available in three sizes – 9 kWh, 13.5 kWh, and 18 kWh, the Panasonic Evervolt is expandable to a massive 72 kWh unit perfect for whole-home backup.

Included with every Evervolt Total Home Solar Energy System is the Evervolt SmartBox energy management system, giving you control over your battery, solar, home loads, and grid power in one intelligent management center.

  • Warranty: 12 years or 6,000 cycles
  • Storage Capacity: 9 kWh
  • Peak Power: 7.6 kW
Battery Pricing & Incentives

Safety, reliability and savings.

As of August 22, 2023, a home battery is eligible for the 30% Investment Tax Credit (ITC) thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act.  This means that 30% of the battery cost is eligible for a dollar for dollar tax credit.

As a solar plus storage arrangement or a retrofit, battery storage can be installed for $0 down through competitive solar loan programs.  When combined with solar, the $0 down investment can show substantial cost savings.

  • Eliminate or reduce your electric bill
  • Income available through SRECs
  • 30% Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)
  • Eliminate backup fuel costs
  • Eliminate generator maintenance
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Frequently asked questions about battery storage

  • How much can I power with my battery?

    How much your battery can power in your home depends on the kWh “capacity” of the battery unit. The battery units range in size and can also be “stackable” allowing you to connect multiple batteries together at one time. For example, The EVERVOLT home battery system from Panasonic ranges in sizes. They offer a 9 kWh unit, a 13.5 kWh unit, and an 18 kWh unit. Four 18 kWh units may be connected together for a max capacity of 72 kWh.

    For example, in your home, a 100 watt light bulb running for 10 hours will use 1 kWh. The good news for solar batteries is that they have the ability to recharge while the sun is shining allowing you to have backup power indefinitely. A best practice would be engineering a system size which allows you to power the critical loads in your home for 72 hours without the solar modules seeing sunshine. Expect to identify critical loads in the home to be selected for the battery to power in an outage. A refrigerator, lights, well pump, computer, phone, tv, electric oven and range, and microwave operating during normal daily conditions will collectively use just over 15 kWh in a day.

  • Can I get the 30% tax credit for my batteries?

    Yes, battery storage is eligible for the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act. Previously, in order to be eligible for the 30% tax credit it had to be a combination of solar plus storage. Now since the IRA passed in 2022, stand alone battery storage can be eligible for the 30% ITC.

  • Can I install battery storage without solar?

    Yes, you can install batteries without solar but they will be limited to their rated capacity without an ability to recharge. Stand alone battery storage without solar will get its initial charge from the grid.

    One of the benefits of solar batteries is the ability of the solar modules to directly recharge the battery. Some battery solutions like the Encharge system from Enphase have the ability to directly power the home from with solar power, bypassing the battery altogether. This allows the battery to stay fully charged going into the night.

    In an area where a traditional gas generator is not possible due to an HOA regulation for example, battery storage can be a good option. Just be sure that you are installing a large enough battery unit or units to meet your needs and are comfortable with the fact that the battery will not recharge.

  • How much does battery storage cost?

    Like solar, the cost of battery storage can vary based on how much energy storage is needed. Batteries are scalable, meaning you can add just one for smaller applications or several for a larger use case. On average, expect a battery system to add $15,000-$30,000 to your solar energy project. From that initial investment, the project will be eligible for the Solar Tax Credit (ITC). This applies to solar plus storage projects as well as stand-alone battery projects.

    This brings the net cost to a price comparable to a fossil fuel powered generator. Some considerations when comparing the cost of a battery storage compared to traditional generators are the fuel cost needed to operate the generator as well as the yearly motor maintenance which may be required. Battery projects are eligible for solar financing projects with no issue. Many of our customers can have a solar plus battery storage system installed for no money down. The monthly payments are often attractive because of the electric savings and SREC income from the solar portion of the project.

Get peace of mind that your home is protected.

Discover the potential benefits that battery storage can have for your home. 

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