Sushil N.

  • Location: Downingtown, PA
  • Utility provider: PECO Energy Co.
  • System energized: 12/21/2023
  • Monthly savings & income:  $380

Sushil signed up with Public Service Solar in September of 2023 and was installed by November 2023, receiving approval to operate his system by December 2023. With his first season being a snowy winter, we wanted to check in during the springtime to see how the system was performing.

System Details
System size: 16 kW
Modules: (40) Panasonic 400s
Inverters: (40) Enphase IQ8H
Annual production: 18,567 kWh
Load offset: 93%
Greenhouse gas reductions: 32,696 CO2
Public Service Solar customer Sushil N. from Pennsylvania - home solar 02
Avg electric bill before solar:
Avg electric bill after solar:
Est. monthly SREC income:
Monthly savings & income:
Public Service Solar customer Sushil N. from Pennsylvania
What was your motivation for installing solar panels?

“I actually had been looking for solar panels since the past probably 6 or 7 years. And every time I thought about getting them I felt that the price was not right. So it was an ongoing thing that had always been in the back of my mind. But finally this time around when I initiated the project, I got some friends around, and pulled the plug. “

What were your considerations in selecting Public Service Solar as your solar provider?

“The main things were the interactions that I had with Public Service Solar. Tony was our primary contact point back then and all the interactions, the knowledge that he shared, everything was just impeccable. When I talked to him, the warranties that he explained, the install process that he explained, the overall process of giving us time to go through the decision, there was no push, it was fantastic to work with him. Asking through the questions, and dealing through the challenges of putting so much money out there.”

Public Service Solar customer Sushil N. from Pennsylvania - home solar 03
How was your installation experience?

“The process was reasonably quiet. Once we signed up we were given an install date. Somebody called from Public Service Solar that we will have an install on a particular day. In fact I had completely forgotten about it. A week before the install date I got a call that, “Hey are you still scheduled for that day?” and I was like “Oh yeah” So they were like “Ok we’ll come over”. So that was pretty good that everything stayed on course. “

What’s been your experience since installation?

“It is very interesting. I have been tracking my solar production since then. It’s actually good. The initial first month was interesting because the weather was rough when I got the solar in December. And so I was like really? Is it really going to be helpful? Because I was still getting a big electricity bill. But I think since then things have calmed down. It is normalizing. And I am happy that I installed it. I actually feel that I waited for 7 years way too long. “

Public Service Solar customer Sushil N. from Pennsylvania - home solar 04
Would you recommend solar to your family and friends?

“Absolutely, absolutely. It’s a fantastic thing. Clean energy. You are producing on your roof, you are not burning anything out there. Why not?”

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