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EV charging solutions for your home or business.

Professionally installed Level 2 EV charging solutions provide a convenient way to quickly charge your vehicle on demand.

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Level 2 electric vehicle (EV) charging
Why Level 2 EV Charging?

Supercharge how fast you can power your vehicle.


Day or night, get fast, reliable vehicle charging from the comfort of your own home.


Compatibility with all EV models so you can plug in directly or choose a specific EV charger to integrate.


We handle all the permitting and electrical work so the entire install process is smooth and easy.

Fast, convenient Level 2 EV charging from home or the office
How Level 2 EV Charging Works

Say goodbye to charging all night long.

Level 2 Charging is fast vehicle charging, allowing you to bring your electric vehicle to a full charge in less than half the time it takes with regular Level 1 charging.
Public Service Solar will complete all the required electric work for your install. This typically includes the installation of 14-50 outlet receptacle on a 50 Amp breaker to provide an EV friendly outlet and the required 240 volts of power for Level 2 charging.  

When combined with a solar installation from Public Service Solar, the energy that runs your vehicle is literally supplied in abundance from the sky above. 

Throughout my solar journey, Public Service Solar has proven to be an exceptional partner. They seamlessly replaced my roof, installed panels to meet my energy needs, and even set up an EV charger. Their efficiency and ease of communication make working with them a breeze. The staff is genuinely caring and highly responsive to any inquiries.

David N, New Jersey

EV Charger Installation Process

EV charging is easy with Public Service Solar

Electric vehicle being charged

Public Service Solar will complete, pay for, and file a custom electrical permit package with your municipality, ensure the accuracy per the municipality’s requirements, and be present during the scheduled township inspection. 

Charge direct or integrate

Plug directly into your NEMA 14-50 receptacle, or integrate with your preferred EV charging component for advanced intelligent charging capabilities. Compatible with ChargePoint, Tesla, Clipper Creek and more.


Public Service Solar provides a lifetime workmanship warranty on our electrical work. Equipment warranties are subject to the manufacturer’s specifications.

EV Charging Pricing & Incentives

Level 2 EV charging is affordable

Public Service Solar provides the required framework for all residential Level 2 fast electric vehicle charging.

Standard indoor or outdoor Level 2 EV Charging installation: $1,800

For charging locations further than 50 feet from the home’s main electrical panel, please inquire for custom pricing.

Additional charging equipment like Tesla Wall Connecter can be easily configured with your installed electrical components for an additional cost.

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Frequently asked questions about EV charging

  • What is Level 2 EV Charging?

    Level 2 Charging is fast charging. When purchasing an electric vehicle, a Level 1 charger will likely be supplied. A Level 1 charger simply plugs into a home’s standard 120 V outlet. A Level 1 charge can charge your EV of course, it just takes a long time. Expect a Level 1 charger to charge 5 miles of range per hour.

    Many EV owners will opt to have a Level 2 charger installed. A Level 2 charger offers much faster charging than a Level 1 with the installation of a NEMA 14-50 outlet on a 50 Amp breaker with 240 volts of power. A Level 2 charger is like having your own gas pump in your home. Compared to a Level 1, which can charge just 5 miles of range per hour, a Level 2 can deliver 20-80 miles of range per hour.

    The Level 2 NEMA 14-50 outlet can be used to plug directly into the vehicle with a Level 2 charger cord, or additional charging equipment like the Tesla Wall Connector for example can be installed with a NEMA-40 outlet in order to provide more intelligent and potentially even faster charging features.

  • Can my EV charger be installed outside?

    Yes, most residential EV charging units are water resistant and have an outdoor rating. The NEMA-40 outlet would need an outdoor rated receptacle box and cover.

  • Are there incentives available for my EV charging installation?

    An EV charging installation is not eligible for the 30% tax credit (ITC), however programs do exist to offset the costs of some EV charging features. Through the Charge Up NJ Program, certain EV chargers themselves may be eligible for a $250 savings off of approved EV charging equipment (not the installation itself). A list of the approved EV chargers can be found on the Charge Up New Jersey website. For customers in PSE&G territory, The Electric Vehicle Charging Program can provide a $1,500 bill credit to eligible customers with eligible Consumer-Side Make-Ready (CSMR) assets for the installation of an EV charger. Federally, through the Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Tax Credit, homeowners may be eligible for a credit worth up to $1,000 of the EV charging installation costs. None of these incentives are guaranteed and depend on program availability and eligibility and components purchased.

  • How many solar panels will I need to charge my electric vehicle?

    The kWh production from a solar array needed to offset the charging of an EV depends on the EV itself and the average number of miles driven in a year. According to The Federal Highway Administration the average American drives 16,500 miles per year. A high efficiency EV will have a miles per kWh rating of 4 miles per kWh. Driven 16,500 miles per year, the EV will require an additional 4,125 kWh of either grid or solar power in a year. With 400 watt solar modules and a 1.2 production factor, it would require 9 additional solar modules. The cost savings from EV Charging with solar can be substantial. In New Jersey for example, with an average price of $.162/kWh, the vehicle that requires 4,125 kWh of energy would cost a homeowner $668/year.

  • Are permits required for my EV charging installation?

    Yes, in most municipalities, an electrical permit is required for the electrical work needed to install the 50 amp breaker and NEMA-40 outlet. Public Service Solar will file for and pay for these permits on your behalf and even sit for the inspection.

Charging your vehicle shouldn’t be an all day affair.

Power up to Level 2 EV charging and get back on the road in no time. 

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